SIGZEEN Color-Coded Identification and Interoperable Communications System


About Us: SIGZEEN Integrated Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company located in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to February 2016, the company operated the business under the name of “SIGZEEN Textile Inc.”   The main mission of the company is research, innovate, develop, and promote safety programs and safety products that would help to enhance safety of emergency responders. Most importantly, to build a safe, effective and interoperable work environment, when they respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) incidents, terrorist attacks, mass shootings or any other complex emergency situations.

As we develop and introduce our safety programs and safety products for law enforcement and other emergency respond communities, we also continue to examine ongoing global challenges and growing threats around the world. This would provide sufficient information and guidance to understand how to improve the program and products according to ongoing and future challenges.


2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

First Introduction



FUTURE FORCES 2014 NATO Defence Conference Prague Czech Republic


Canadian Official Delegation Future Forces 2014

Conference News




Our Focus Involves:  

  • Find solutions for personal safety for first responders and ES personnel.    
  • Implications on interoperable communication challenges.    
  • Find solutions to existing gaps pertaining to lack of interoperability among emergency respond groups at incident areas, and the groups arriving from different jurisdictions.  
  •  Find solutions to implications on disruptions of responder’s communication equipment, due to Cyber, direct or EMP attacks on power grids and communications infrastructures.

Our Vision: Our vision started in 2009, and we will continue to develop solutions that are critically needed for emergency respond communities in regards to global CBRNE, and other emerging threats.



  • Introduced SCI-ICS project to law enforcement personnel during 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. 
  • Carried out nationwide awareness campaign. 
  • Participated at a number of Canadian Chiefs of Police Associations conferences. 
  • Introduced the Color-Coded system to nationwide law enforcement and other responders. 
  • Introduced the Color-Coded system to governments and their appropriate agencies. ( awareness program). 
  • Speaker presentation at the NATO defense conference Prague Czech Republic. 
  • Introduced to law enforcement personnel in US.     
  • Introduced to Canadian and US law enforcement.

Future Plans:

  • Introduce to governments and international agencies, and to their CBRNE Strategy Plans.  
  • Carrying out a comprehensive research program regarding how to build an effective visual interoperable communication system among first responders and ES personnel in the event of Cyber, EMP and Direct attacks on nation's power grids and network communication infrastructure.      
Some of Present Users:
  • Police and other law enforcement personnel in Canada and the US.
  • RCMP
  • BC Legislative Protective Services.
  • Medical
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Canadian Border Services
  • CN Rail Police


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