SIGZEEN Color-Coded Identification and Interoperable Communications System


SIGZEEN Color-Coded Number System: The visual identification and interoperable communications system, specifically developed for law enforcement personnel and military personnel to enhance multi-jurisdictional emergency operational capabilities. The system also provides a method to establish effective and efficient multi-groups interoperable visual communications abilities, when they respond to CBRNE incidents, terrorist incidents, shooting incidents, riots, public disorder, natural or man made disasters and other similar complex events.   

About the Color-Coded Number System: The identification number system is not a new idea. It has been used for decades for emergency respond operations. However, the SIGZEEN Color-Coded Number System provides a significant improvement and a unique method, enabling emergency responders to quickly and visually identify each emergency respond personnel individually. This approach provides key assets to build self-confidence among respond groups, for them to build a strong operational structure, and an efficient workforce that requires full range of involvements.






Multi-Jurisdiction Participation: The interoperable communications is the key element in multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency task force joint operation management system. During major complex emergency situations, the emergency response efforts are not limited to a single jurisdiction at the local level. These efforts require large-scale support and interventions from various different jurisdictions, and the participation of multi-group agencies. It is imminent that involvement on multi-groups operations requires effective coordination actions, concerning ability to work together as a team under a single control command structure.


Radio and Electronic Communications Challenges: Today, the radio communication, mobile communication and IP support communication technologies provide a major source of interoperability communications among respond groups. Nonetheless respond communities and security experts recognize that existing radio communications encounter various challenges and obstacles that need to be addressed urgently. Some of the challenges are:

  • Inability to communicate effectively due to overload of communication circuits during emergency situations.  
  • Limitation of communications frequencies allocated for high emergency priorities that are not allowed for other respond groups.  
  • Incompatible communications equipment.  
  • Different radio frequencies used by different emergency groups at same locations.  
  • Lack of sufficient time available for use of radio communications during chaotic and unrest complex environment.
  • The potential disruptions on electrical power grids and telecommunication infrastructure due to Cyber, EMP and direct attacks.

Solutions: Recognizing and evaluating these challenges, in order to build an effective and interoperable workforce, we developed a manual communications system, the Color-Coded identification number system. The key focus of this system is to create a visual identification and communications interoperability among responders at the incident area, without radio or other form of electronic communications.

Unique Features: The Color-Coded Number System comprises of inter-changeable sequences of numbers. This will restrict any respond members to have previous knowledge on what the numbers and colors are expected to be used for a specific incident. The numbers are fully controlled by command leaders. When an incident occurs the command leaders will inform the sequence of numbers to be worn by the team. This will provide command leaders and members of the respond units to identify each individual as who’s who in the operational group, also their duties and responsibilities.

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