SIGZEEN Color-Coded Identification and Interoperable Communications System

GOAL 1: Establish a Color-Coded Identification System: To provide Color-Coded Checkered identification protective garments that are exclusively designed for first responders and Essential Service personnel (military, border services and CBRNE personnel). This method provides a system to differentiate emergency responders from common clothing wearers, such as construction workers, private security guards, road workers, non-emergency workers and general public. Also provides a method to enhance effective coordination approaches, and ability to identify individual emergency response groups, and their representation.  

GOAL 2: Establish a Color-Coded Visual Interoperable Communications System: To enhance interoperable communications capabilities among first responders and ES personnel. Specially, when first responder’s communications equipment is interrupted, or malfunctions, and they are unable to communicate among emergency respond groups. These situations can arise due to disruptions on nations’ power grids and network communications infrastructures.  

GOAL 3: Establish a Color-Coded Incident Command System: To enhance multi-response groups interoperable communications and operational capabilities. Especially, among local responders in an incident area, and respond groups who arrive from other jurisdictions.   This Incident Command System further provides the Color-Coded number identification system. The key feature of the system is that command leaders and group members have the ability to quickly and visually identify the members and their specific duties and responsibilities.  This system is designed with specific colors, numbers and shapes of patches that can be worn over existing garments. The number identification system also has the ability to protect first responders and ES personnel from impersonators who may pretend to be emergency responders, and plan to interrupt emergency operations, also attempt to harm law enforcement personnel.    

GOAL 4: Conduct Comprehensive Research Program: Psychological and social behavior of humans without electronic communications, and safety of first responders and public”. This is an essential part of SCI-ICS project. These studies mainly focus on identifying people’s behaviors, implications
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