SIGZEEN Color-Coded Identification and Interoperable Communications System


CBRNE Strategy Plan: National and international governments, their respective agencies and international agencies such as NATO emphasize that it is critically important to establish reliable chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) countermeasures strategy plans, policies, equipment and programs that have capabilities to protect nations, people, property, and the environment from CBRNE catastrophic events. The intelligence communities and security experts have issued directive warnings that emerging terrorist threats and ongoing global conflicts are rapidly swelling the possibility on risks of CBRNE incidents. They realize that responding to CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) events are much more complex than any other disasters, since these incidents encounter multiple hazardous events with various aspects of dangerous situations.

These Strategy Plans are mainly focusing on specific critical strategy objectives, which include development of effective interoperable communications system, and efficient interoperable workforces that will contribute to the CBRNE resilience strategy plan approach. This includes effective systems to enhance personal safety, and an effective working environment for first responders (law enforcement, medical, fire and rescue) and Essential Service personnel, (ES) such as military, border services and CBRNE personnel.
Power Grid Vulnerability: Although governments and security experts highlight the urgent need of a sustainable approach to CBRNE incidents, they also extremely focus on power grid vulnerability, since electrical power is a vital requirement to keep first responders communication equipment and communications capabilities intact. The recent Cyber attacks on electrical power systems in various parts of the world, and ongoing threats towards power infrastructure and communications infrastructure, urge the US government and Canadian governments to increase the attention on security of the North American power grids system. As part of the ongoing effort, the US Department of Homeland Security and FBI have launched a nationwide online webinar campaign (31 March 2016) to warn the dangers of Cyber attacks on U.S. power grids and network communications facilities. More ...
Our Mission: Our mission is committed to find effective solutions that would support existing issues pertaining to personal safety of emergency responders, and challenges they face pertaining to interoperable communications capabilities. To achieve these mission objectives, we developed the Color-Coded Identification and Interoperable Communications System. The SCI-ICS is the first visual interoperable communications system that is designed for first responders and Essential Service (ES) personnel to be quickly and distinctively identified as who’s who at the scene, and visually communicate among respond groups in the event of large-scale complex emergencies.

How We Developed: The SCI-ICS project is developed specifically taking into consideration specific shortfalls and safety gaps identified by US and Canadian government agencies, international organizations, security experts, intelligence communities, and emergency response communities. Further assessing the urgent needs of emergency operations requirements, effective and efficient interoperable communications approaches, including existing methods and their success and shortfalls regards to first responders’ personal safety and operation capabilities.

SCI-ICS Project Development Phases:  

First Phase: (Already in Use)

The first phase comprises of two systems.  

Second Phase: (2016 - 2018)

Comprehensive Research Program: Main objective of this program is to carry out detailed studies on “Human behaviors without electronic communications”. Since, present day peoples day-to-day lives are completely dependent on electronic communications and social media, it is critically important to analyze the implications and challenges that responders will encounter in the event of attacks on power grids and network communication infrastructure.


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