SIGZEEN Color-Coded Identification and Interoperable Communications System


The Color-Coded identification and interoperable communications system is a special project designed for first responders and Essential Service personnel (military, border services and CBRNE personnel) to improve their personal safety and communications capabilities in the event of CBRNE incidents, terror attacks, mass shooting incidents or any other man made or natural disasters.

The project comprise of two components:

  • High visibility and safety garments, which comprise of color-coded checkered reflective material.   
  • Color-Coded patches, which comprise of configuration of series of numbers, symbols and colors. 




Color - Coded High Visibility Garments

Color - Coded Incident Command System

The Color-Coded Incident Command System is developed with series of unique numbers that each service unit has the ability to obtain their own specific set of numbers, where no other jurisdictional service unit is able to duplicate same the identification numbers. The System is designed based on geographical scenarios according to jurisdictions and the location of the law enforcement unit. The system comprises of unique set of numbers, letters and figures that are specifically significant for each jurisdiction unit.

For Example:
Unit J1 may use “CA 4700 - CA 5000
Unit J2 may use “BA 200 -BA 900”
Unit J3 may use “NY 450 - NY-750”


Jurisdictions Support



Each part of the numbers, colors and figures have a special significance; only command leaders and respond members know what that significance is about during the operation. As shown in the above figure, the incident area is surrounded with twelve jurisdictional support law enforcement units. The law enforcement unit means, where the law enforcement service is located, according to the zip code of the city, region, and province/state. 


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Note:This information is only available for respond community.

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