SIGZEEN Color-Coded Identification and Interoperable Communications System

SIGZZEN Integrated Solutions offers integrated services covering the entire product and program development process, related to enhance personal safety for first responders and ES personnel (Military, Border Service and CBRNE personnel). Including systems and mechanisms capable of supporting to build an effective and efficient workforce in the event of complex emergency situations.

Our focus is assigned to find solutions to specific areas, especially pertaining to protect first responders and ES personnel in the event of imminent as well as emerging threats.

Our products, systems and methods would help emergency respond communities to be prepared in advance, so that they have the ability to protect themselves, and protect the public, property, infrastructure, environment and society as a whole.

Our Service Includes:

  • Finding existing gaps and challenges related to personal safety of first responders, and their emergency operations in the event of complex emergency situations.
  • Research specific areas that are high priority for these challenges.
  • Finding solutions to support ongoing and future potential threats and challenges.
  • Develop products and operation systems to achieve compatible and maximum effectiveness and efficiency to build an interoperable workforce among respond groups.

Our Approach:

Develop the products and systems to suite the needs for emergency respond communities. First we find the problems, and forward these issues to the respond communities for their feedback. At the end, we develop these products, systems and programs by ensuring a perfect balance to fit into existing products and programs already in use. This will provide quick solutions, cost efficient and immediate use of products with extreme confidence.


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